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ESR HaloLock with CryoBoost chargers: Fast wireless charging in your car, home, or office

ESR HaloLock with CryoBoost chargers: Fast wireless charging in your car, home, or office

ESR is known for making affordable power products for Apple devices that get the job done. Its latest provides extra cooling and fast wireless charging.

Smartphones have to be charged daily and if you use other accessories like smartwatches and headphones, they require regular charging as well. I have wireless charging products on my nightstand, office desk, and in my car and for the last month I've been testing out a couple of ESR's new HaloLock products with CryoBoost.

CryoBoost is the name of ESR's design that is optimized to reduce the heat produced by wireless charging. The products are designed to provide ample airflow through the product and onto your device through an internal fan system.

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ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger with CryoBoost While I don't spend much time in a car while at home, when I travel for work I spend many hours in rental cars traveling between job sites. I took the ESR HaloLock wireless car charger with CryoBoost on a recent week-long business trip to Florida and it performed perfectly. It was important that I enter the job site with a fully charged phone since I was not able to charge up the phone for at least the next 12 hours.

The charger retails for $45.99 and includes a USB-C to USB-A cable and the charging dock with a vent mount attachment. Modern cars let you plug in a USB-A cable to a port in the vehicle, but on my older Acura, I used a car power adapter too.

There are ample vents on the back and front of the car charger with a glass mounting plate backed up by magnets that securely holds your phone to the charging face. The vent openings are around this MagSafe plate so that the fan inside the charging unit blows some air on the phone as it charges, thus the CryoBoost name. Given the openings on the back of the charging unit, the air inside your car can also blow through and onto your phone. If you live in a place where you drive in cold winters, we'll have to see how the charger performs with a heat vent blowing air on the unit.


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